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Britney's Insta "Made Fun of" on a Podcast

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So Britney's Insta was kinda / sort of made fun of in a podcast I listen on a weekly basis. It doesn't matter who these people are whether or not you do / don't know them but the convo went like this: :unbothered:


G: Who's your favorite person to follow on Twitter atm?

A: Umm, do you guys follow Britney Spears on Instagram?


G: OH... It's the best... It's a constant question of "why, how come?"

A: Where does she find the memes, it's like 90% minion and fairy content.

G: And it doesn't make sense, and the videos of her painting at home...

J: Those are amazing...

A: And whenever it's either like a funny meme or whenever Britney, like, wants to show her outfits, she's, like, been through so much that she can barely, like, walk and she smiles in the most awkward way

G: And she does these at home fashion shows...

A: Yes...

G: all the time... which are just that random and they're going to be like her wearing a couple of cute dresses that she clearly just got and then suddenly like a school-girl uniform at the end, and you're like "what?"

@48:45 :hibebe:

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10 hours ago, MyQueenBritney said:

Some people have nothing better to do with their time :sofedup:

I like Britney's Instagram, it shows her goofy and down to earth personality. Other female celebs instagrams are nothing but staged photos, nude selfies and paid advertisements.


There was a time we dreamed of her actually using her Instagram.  People are just ungrateful. 

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