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In which era did you become a fan of Britney? [POLL]

In which era did you become a fan of Britney?  

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23 hours ago, Paulino999 said:


Well I was 17 at the time, i would follow britney from time to time up to that age, my older sister who is in her thirties grew up on her and loved her...so I would hear about britney on a day to day basis... but didn't really listen to her music unless it came on the radio, but back then in 2011 i was a high schooler and she had a lot of radio play..I didn't get to experience the iconicness in the late 90s, early  2000's..i was young and  I was Just a regular guy in the gp.  Femme fatale was relevant popular album that the radio supported so I became interested then because i would hear HIAM,TTWE and IWG. I didnt pay attention to what most people on here on exhale notice that they didn't like , which was her tiredness and lack of interest in 2011. I see that NOW recently 

To me all I saw and heard was oh britney is making music and the songs are good and good to jam too. Britney is cool again. 

Now over the years I've started stanning. Seen past performances, schooled myself on all things Britney and now seen how much has changed, and see the ups and downs. But its really only exhale stans who are so critical and notice everything.  

She just needs to be relevant in the gps eyes again and make good music like in 2011. 


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On 2/17/2018 at 11:17 AM, PerfumeGuy said:

I had been listening to some of her songs since her very first album but it was in the Blackout era that I became a fan :boredashell:

What about you?

1998...my brother had her posters on our bedrooms walls...that one where was she standing by a tree I think it was with short jeans...purple top...straight long blonde hair...

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