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Early Entry Package for Oslo


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Hi, everyone!

I have few questions for everyone who bought an Early Entry package for Oslo.

1. When I began the booking process it directed me from Norway's Live Nation webpage to UK's Ticketmaster. For non-UK citizens the only option was to choose "box office collection". In which box office can I pick that up? In Oslo? I hope that is the case since this was bought from UK's Ticketmaster and not from the Norwegian one.

2. Before buying the Early Entry package I bought a Golden Circle ticket because I thought that VIP packages won't be available. Today (before booking the EE package) I called Norway's Ticketmaster and asked them if it is possible to upgrade the GC ticket to EE package and said it was not possible since the show is soldout. I told her that VIP packages are still available but through UK's Ticketmaster and she had no idea about that and even said that I won't be able to buy the Early Entry package because the show is soldout. But I did 5 minutes after the call :sneer:So I'm not sure what to think about that.

Thank you for your answers in advance :sendinglove:


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