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Hire Me for B10

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25 minutes ago, John0164 said:

You somehow managed to turn **** Britney from prerogative to a dark almost sinister version. I love this !!! Job well done!:yaknow:


Just now, Sharkney said:

I can't at how this video has more replay value than Make Me. Swell job :wigsnatched:

Thank you so much :sendinglove:

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13 hours ago, John0164 said:

Can you make a video like this for love me down ?


11 hours ago, Chaoscontrol said:

@Urbanney love it! Can you do a Breaking Benjamin song? Diary of Jane would fit good with the darker theme like this :) 

Thank you. Video editing is quite time consuming though and I’m working on some personal projects right now. I’m glad you like it though :) 

6 hours ago, over-protected-life said:

oKayyyyy that slayed!

and they should hire me for album edit


Yes! I’ve always loved your edits. You and Antidote, or whatever his name is, are both terrific with picture editing. 


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