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VMAs 2016


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At first I had a mixed reaction, due to the fact that I was expecting a lot after the BBMAs performance. But I immediately LOVED the beginning and the MM&I part (who cares about the mistakes in the lipsyncing honestly). I was disappointed about the ending though - all that climax just to flirt with g-easy. I would have added a dance break or something at the end, just like they did for Toxic at the BBMAs. Or maybe something like an orgy with the dancers, like in the scrapped video :jamout:

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I remember going to work the next day and this lady said Britney was good, but just good because she imagines Brit with a bunch of dancers and wondered why she only had two. She also said she could count Britney's steps going 5678. She said Britney herself looked great but it was cheap and calculated. Not how she pictured Brit but better than what she thought as she thought she was still crazy.

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I like that performance, I think it was great considering the song, she doesn't need big props or a lot of dancers to shine on the stage, she wasn't nervous and was into the choreo (yes, she had a lipsync mistake, whatever). The only thing I don't like it's the lipsync to the album vocals, really b team? She had prerecorded for the bbma but not for the vmas aka the comeback of the decade.

Anyway my top vma performances is (and u will deal):

Slave vma 01

Satisfaction/OIDIA vma 00

MM vma 16



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