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How many times have you met/seen Britney?

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11 minutes ago, Britstory_3000 said:

met once and seen four times! adding a fifth this summer in florida! The first one i went to was onyx hotel. I'm so sad i never made it to 'dream within a dream'. also, tbh, meeting her basically gave me a panic attack. 

So jealous you went to onyx hotel I loved that tour and album

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I've been to 12 Britney concerts:

...Baby one more time - Tour 1999

Oops!...I did it again - Tour 2000

Dream Within a Dream - Tour 2001 (2X)

Dream Within a Dream - Tour 2002 (second leg)

Onyx Hotel - Tour 2004 (2X)

Circus -  Tour 2009 (2X)

Femme Fatale - Tour 2011 (2X) and one Meet & Greet

Piece of Me - Vegas - 2014

and i'm ready for at least one show on this new Piece of Me tour!


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I slept out overnight in Times Square for the release of "In the Zone" (November 2003) and got to meet her at Virgin Mega Store.  I thanked her for inspiring me and told her "the way you sang "everytime" on SNL was so beautiful."  She said "ahhh thank you so much"

Tours I've seen:

baby one more time (Essex Junction, VT)

crazy-2k (Albany, NY)

oops I did it again (Mansfield, MA)

dream within a dream-1st leg (NYC)

dream within a dream-2nd leg(Boston)

onyx hotel (Manchester, NH)

circus-1st leg (Nassau, NY)

circus-3rd leg (NYC)

femme fatale (Nassau, NY).


I am petrified of flying so I'm glad POM is coming to NYC.




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I wish I could meet her :embarrassed:

My first Britney concert was the Oops tour, I was 9 and my mom brought me and I cried through the whole thing. I have a pic of my mom& I wearing matching Britney shirts. :lmao:

I didn't get to see her again until Circus and I was just so proud of her after everything she went through and ended up going 3x and was still paying off my tix by the time she was doing FF and I had to miss it :crying2:

then I went to Vegas for POM this October. I'm def going to this tour. :lemmetellu:


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