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B10 Baby

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I think it's safe to say B10 is coming with all this amazing buzz happening. Yes it's POM but shell add some new material from B10 if anything. Plus the Pepsi ad. I'm so excited.  These past few days have been the most exciting being a fan in a while. There's a tad bit more effort being put in and finally.

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2 hours ago, Prettyboy0713 said:

All these rumors don’t even excite me anymore because they are never true nothing bout her current team excites me these days they have been failing for years now i pray one day they get it right though 

Agreed. I’ve reserved all excitement for when things actually happen and it isn’t just talk/rumours, and I’ll get excited when these things are something that is actually worth getting excited over. 

Back to back let downs of BJ and Glory have jaded my Britney experiences. 

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