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Will the next residency have pretty much the same setlist?

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Obviously, it's all speculation (that she's gonna have a residency in 2019), but I feel like speculating. My best guess is that it will be another "greatest hits" show of course with maybe 1 or two new singles that are performed. My question though is that since most of the songs she did in POM are mandatory, like BOMT, Crazy, Oops, Stronger, Slave, Everytime, Toxic, Gimme More, Piece of Me, Circus, Womanizer, IWG, TTWE, WB, is there really much room for her to switch up the setlist? I can imagine that maybe she might add HIAM or Overprotected, or remove Do Somethin/MATM along with a couple Glory songs, but not really all that much can be done while keeping it in a certain time frame and also keeping the fan favourites. Also, some original choreo has always stayed like the slave breakdown (it's changed a little but generally stayed similar). Do you think that will happen with WB? At this point, I almost can't picture her performing it differently. Hopefully we get a radically different show next time. Not that POM was bad, but it just needs to be different to keep people's interest.

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3 minutes ago, Million Billion said:

At this point, they are so so so cheap that she may perform the same setlist :imok:



Sorry Britney I love you but you tought me expect less than nothing :nochillbrit:

"Isn't this NEW theater beautiful?"

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I can see bomt, crazy, oops, lucky, stronger, dlmbtltk, Slave, boys, toxic, everytime, breath on me, touch of my hand, gimme more, piece of me, radar, hot as ice, womanizer, circus, Amy, prayers for unusual you, ttwe, iwg, work *****, make me, slumber, dywco, change your mind, hoping for man on the moon and some b10 tracks 

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2 hours ago, Cappycorn87 said:

She's never adding HIAM

She never added it on the 1st Vegas sho and will not on the next

She does not like that song

I'm sure there will be great changes obviously

There is no way to know what she thinks of HIAM.Yet you say this like you know her.

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