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I don't know if y'all know this, but I was always wondering where Britney got her Toxic Jungle Remix from.  Turns out she got it from a singer named Yael Naim and this was released 2 years before POM.

When I first head this online today, I was like, this version is oddly familiar...let's compare it to Britney's version in her Piece of Me Show.


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10 minutes ago, Inherzone said:

so her team stole this remix? :beynah:

I think that is a possibility, but they didn't steal the WHOLE remix because in Yael's version, the whole song is very slow. In Britney's version only he first verse and chorus are at Yael's remix tempo, and then the original version (including some nice guitar riffs) kicks in for the rest of the song.

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