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any weird noises in britney's songs?

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"That's stupid" underneath the music, after "he plays sitar/three notes so far" in If I'm Dancing.



I know it doesn't count as a noise in the manner you're speaking of, but I heard it without all the music on top of it when the Glory vocal leaks came out and I can hear that they kept it layered in the final track; so now I'll never not hear "that's stupid" as being what comes after that line, and have to say it along with her before launching into the chorus. :bang:

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The beginning of Mannequin sounds like basketball dribbling & sneakers squeaking on the court.

Pretty sure that weird sound that's like a switch followed by an unintelligible whisper at the 3:49 mark on Private Show also happens at the like 0:09 mark in What You Need. 

That thing that sounds like electric shocks in Early Mornin' production always makes me think of Crash Bandicoot and the electroshock obstacles.

Man On The Moon trop-pop instrumental also makes me think of the Crash Bandicoot 2 jungle levels music. 

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