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Do you think she watched the Golden globes tonight?

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I mean it's doubtful. Britney  (as it appears to me) has never really been into the whole "hollywood culture". She just a simple girl who does her own thing. over the past couple years, it seems like she goes to an award to only if she's nominated or going to perform and after that just heads back stage and leaves. I think its b/c she's seen how cruel hollywood can be and doens't consider those people her "real" friends. Just my opinion

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See, I wouldn't be surprised if she was watching at home. She likes to read People Magazine and stuff like that, so I think watching something like the Golden Globes on her own couch like regular people is a thing that would make her feel like a regular person too, being just a spectator and not part of the industry. Especially too since it's tv & film, not the music industry - so even though she knows some of the people and has done a couple jobs herself, it really isn't her world. 

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