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if britney's team wants another hit...

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She needs to go back to making "party" music. Her last big hit was Scream and Shout which was about clubbing. If you look at the charts this year party songs about alcohol or drugs are doing really well. I think releasing a solo and a collab single in this vein would be really successful. She's not old enough to the point where this would seem desperate and I think it would connect her to a young (college and high school kids) audience again!

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2 minutes ago, Ryan Godspeed said:

she could release the dopest song on earth but if she doesn't want to promote it then what's the point :sneer:


2 minutes ago, 3Pney said:

All she needs to do is promote. Even a decent song will be hit with good promo

agreed but she didn't really promote Scream and Shout did she? I guess a solo single would depend more on her promoting because she wouldn't rely on someone else to carry the song.

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