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Will we ever get as much promo as we got during the GLORY era?


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Honestly during brenda Jolene it was all about radio interviews and magazine covers. But during Glory we got at least four televised performances and a bunch of festivals. Let's recount


Vmas 2016

Apple music festival (televised performance)

Iheart radio music festival (im not sure if it was televised but i think it was)

Jimmy kimmel segment

Carpool Fiasco

The today Show (televised performance)

Jonathan Ross show (televised performance)

Jingle ball festival

Triple Ho festival

Pepsi jingle bash festival


Wasnt she supossed to perform at the AMAS also but then cancelled for some reason? It was a rumour but she cancelled months prior. 

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2 minutes ago, SpearsSpearsBrit said:

According to my calculations, Britney has 3 albums left to launch by contract with RCA

better times are coming :whitney:


Girl isnt getting any YOUNGER she needs to release those albums yearly!!!!

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