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Britney should have released 2 EPs instead of 2 albums while in Vegas


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First of all, i know this will sound so pretentions, and many will disagree with me, but if you got some time to spare, let's talk about this!

ok so you know how all of us fans hate on Britney Jean but actually have never stopped to listen to it back to back after that one semester it got out of the womb and died? yeah

this christmas day I decided to do something unusual, throw away my prejudice towards Britney Jean completely, listen to it in full, in 24 bit, with a professional headphone from Audio Technica. Right after this, I decided to listen to Glory in full, just to get a real perspective on Britney's discography in the last 5 years, and now im coming to you with some facts that poped up in my head after this experience

- Britney's last good album is Femme Fatale

- Perfume is a great single

- Britney Jean aged horribly

- Glory is starting to too

- Britney Jean completely tarnished Britney's discography, from Tik Tik Boom til the end, you could give the tracks to a newcomer and she would never release another album again

- Britney Jean singles are better than Glory singles

- Glory is actually not so good (taking away its bonus tracks and considering her previous catalog til Femme Fatale is pop perfection) but because we were so devastated by Britney Jean, it made us like it more. Like some fans say, it's was just a step in the right direction

Now what makes me really mad about everything she put out after she got her gig in Vegas, is that by releasing Britney Jean and Glory, she lost credibility as an artist, because these albums are not on par with the rest of her discography. Now not to say this is something that only concerns Britney, you can actually spot some of what happened to her on other big names, like Shakira, for example. Shakira is so famous and a household name, she only needs to release singles, her last album is complete ****, and her label doesnt give a damn or hire big producers for her album fillers because they get money out of it anyway by doing the bare minimum. So you can actually understand what happened to Britney but risking having her artistry get lost in the way is stupid, we all know when you have no fame left the only thing that sustains you is being well known as a real artist, Britney needs great albums, she wont last as a performer and we all know that.

So thinking about all of this, its completely reasonable why they SHOULD HAVE released two EPs (one for every 2 years she's been in Vegas) instead of two albums, or not putting out anything at all instead of singles here and there. Christina Aguilera is more respected than Britney nowadays specially because she hasnt released an album in years (i know i know, she has the voice, but hear me out). She could have easily gone downhill if she followed Lotus - a bad album - with another ok album (like Britney did after Britney Jean).

This is how I think Britney should have handled the Vegas era (singles underlined)


Britney Spears - Work *****! EP

01 - Alien

02 - Work *****

03 - Perfume

04 - It Should Be Easy


Britney Spears - Slumber Party EP (or any name you wanna call it, Glory EP, Vegas EP)

01 Invitation

02 Do You Wanna Come Over?

03 Slumber Party (no Tinashe)

04 Love Me Down


that way fans and the gp would be thirsting over an 8th album and the quality level of her songs would still be intact

(and yes, I deleted Make Me Puke from existence and yes the rest of the songs can choke or be added to a bigger ep combo of them both later on to celebrate the end of vegas) :bang:

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(I am from latin america, sorry my bad english)

:ineedthetruth: In the critique, "Glory" had a better score than "Femme Fatale", "Circus" and "Blackout". The fact that you do not like it does not mean that the album is bad. In addition, he gave the fans the opportunity to listen to their music in a more "relaxed" way and put aside that "100% commercial pop". the main problem of the album is that it did not sell, and since the b-army only care about the numbers they started to hate the album because yes.

I think "Britney Jean" is a horrible record. But it is the only record of the whole race, oh come on, nor that the race must be 100% perfect.

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When she WAS in Vegas?  :girlwhat: 

She's still attached to that Vegas thing until only God knows. She's just confirmed a Denmark date with her POM show. It refuses to end and Britney seems to never get rid of that. But yeah, it's a shame she puts new music out and it is completely ignored due to her Vegas stuff. I have always thought the same as you. 

But in a more enthusiastic, she could still promote her work while being at a Vegas residency, it's not like she performs every night the entire year, she could separate her Vegas shoes from her album work, 2 different shows and it eventually bring more people to both her album concerts (let's call it like that) and her Vegas residency. But no, we're talking about Britney and her ******* lazy *** team. If she were willing to do it, she would do it but it's not her case. :byebitch:

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2 hours ago, The_Original_Toy said:

you took off hold on tite :jackk: and left ISBE

at least make the BJ EP 5 tracks long

1. Alien

2. Work *****

3. Perfume

4. Til Its Gone

5. Hold On Tight

That would have been the perfect EP (although I kinda like Don't Cry and Brightest Morning Star :quirkney: )

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IA about BJ, but about Glory... Yeah, it has some flaws, especially on vocal production, but she's worked with Julia Michaels - the one that made Gwen Stefani's last album fantastic. Glory is a good album. It's not a comeback album, but it's an ok album. We have enough to complain, stop finding more. :ineedthetruth:

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Britney Jean I agree should not have been released as an album and instead an EP to promote and create buzz for the Piece Of Me show. I would have named it Work *****, included 6 songs and released just Work ***** as a single in time for the opening of Piece Of Me. The track list would have been as follows: 

1. Work ***** 

2. Alien 

3. Perfume

4. ‘Til It’s Gone 

5. Passenger

6. Now That I Found You 

I would have then released “Glory” 2 years later in 2015 as the full album. Britney would have taken a mini break from her Piece Of Me show to go on a world promo tour to perform the new music including a couple of high profile awards shows. 4 singles would have released over a 12 month period. 

Then in 2018 or early 2019 Britney would release her next album after 3 or 4 year gap which create much more anticipation with the fans and general public! 

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