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“BRITNEY: PART OF ME” will be “STAGES” for the digital age!!


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There is something coming & it’s a full on comprehensive package of Britney’s entire experience while performing “POM” in Vegas! 

Britney unfiltered & uncensored in a “handwritten memoir”... It’s not only a documentation of POM & her experiences over the past 4 years but it’s also a candid & raw reflection of her entire career...

There is going to be a proper filming of the show in Vegas (Rumors are whispering “wait & see’s” that this might be in the form of a Britney Live New Year’s type thing... Most likely it will be a cross promotional event for streaming... 

Britney: Part Of Me will be proper release Book & Documentary.. I’m told that the book is completely handwritten in its physical form & will be released to buyers as a Book with a film attached too it.. 

The digital portion of this will be Britney Live & a Greatest Hits Style Release (most likely with new material)


...... hmmmmmm I’m dying to know if this is true 




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1 hour ago, Spearsfan said:

I have a feeling a lot of a book would be "Today: I skipped rehearsals and bought a 150 flower baskets." 

Anyways what would she write about...for the same show of four years. 

I would wish this about new music. I got this song idea from a past breakup that ended because...


She is human after all, maybe she is expressing her feelings during this journey 

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5 minutes ago, zone said:

She is human after all, maybe she is expressing her feelings during this journey 

She is always singing live and dancing better than her prime. I can see her saying that.

Makes me sort of hope this is true for all the things she will say tbh 

if she seemed excited about Vegas I would want this...honestly there really isn't much to say about it. Besides it was cool and fun. For her past career she has talked bad about so Idk 

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