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Does anyone know if a DVD was filmed last night?


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She had energy in her dancing last night (more than usual anyway) and i've read that she usually isn't that good when she returns and her makeup and hair were pretty good too so do you guys think there was a DVD filmed? And I don't really know how filming a showl ike that would happen but did anybody who went last night see cameras?

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2 hours ago, pablitonizer said:

Not at all :weusay:

According to the law, the show representatives must let the audience know they might be profesionally filmed on camera for commercial purposes since it implies a use of the image :NYsassy:

they don't have to if it's already in the fine print of the tickets

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2 minutes ago, storm said:

it wasn't that bad and if they record the last two she will probably go all out and have done the show a few times prior

it was that bad have you seen how much choreo got cut again and only txc was decent with the addition of the bbma choreo. and i would refer to this show as the lingerie of me show.

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