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Dylan Will Not Participate kinda shaded Britney

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6 hours ago, marrecarney said:

Well he isn't wrong? Britney's comments were lackluster and short and she didn't really add that much to the show. She had her great moments but most of the time she was just there.

Though I don't like Dylan anymore, his reactions now are just trolling.

I'm not talking about that part. That is the fact tho. Britney obviously didn't bring anything new to the table. I was talking about that shady part when he was kinda making fun of her talent comparing her with Demi... Take a look. It starts at 8:41, I think. :yeaok:

10 hours ago, PokemonSpears said:

nova.thumb.gif.0921701d2e78583bfc202600e I love this gif :makeitrain: #AlwaysSingLiveney

Adeleney. That performance is everything. :mcry:

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He's always been over-analyzing and annoying and I can't stand him anymore. 

He trolls a lot, his comments are ignorant too. He reacted to BOMT and he said that can't be Britney doing the back handsprings #triggered.

Although his comment about how she judges is true, he's still an *** anyway. 

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