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The project shot at Warner Bros. Entertainment was a commercial for Hugh Jackman's new movie "Greatest Showman"....

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1 minute ago, OutrageousSin said:

Are you kidding me? So she post a pic of the "secret project" that she's not even involved in? Wyd Brit?  :girlwhat:

Wasn't there a Japanese letters or words saying Piece of Me or something like that? 


I can't, I really can't :gloria: 

Yes there still is a secret project, the project that we now know as The Greatest Showman is what we thought mightve been the project but its not. She still has a secret project that I think is a DVD of POM

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On 17/12/2017 at 11:04 PM, marrecarney said:

But we still have the secret project to look forward :pieceofwhat:

According to The Sun here in the UK, the secret project is another clothing line but I can't remember the company that was named.  I wouldn't believe it though because this is from the same people who said the song Britney was doing with Giorgio Moroder was Together In Electric Dreams and they claimed they had been one of the first to hear it. 

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