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Slumber Party Master Video?

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It was never officially released, but I suppose some traders* may have it if screenshots exist.

Note that a TIDAL version is available. It is of course not as good as a master but it is better than the YouTube and VEVO versions.


*I ******* hate traders.

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2 hours ago, Thurafatale9 said:

The only master MV that was leaked is HIAM right?

In master Pro-Res, I think so.

Several other "masters" have leaked (files which are usually 500 Mo).

Work *****! has a leaked master version (but I found the quality really average, so it may not be a true master).

And Randee leaked the Make Me... master herself. :tiffcackle:

And for the Femme Fatale music videos, we have the Blu-Ray rips (which are equivalent to masters, even though with less quality than a Pro-Res master).

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