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Simon Cowel Has Almost Stole Baby One More Time From Britney ?

Guest riccus

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4 hours ago, LilyRoseAllen said:

That guy is a huge flop. If you think about it, he has always thought that Britney was **** while she is among the best selling artists in the world and he turned down the opportunity to sign the Spice Girls saying they could never have 1 hit. Total flop!

Nah, he just works in this industry, that doesn't mean he knows everything... I mean the bad thing is labels are often wrong, because i mean they are run by old straight male people, what do you expect?

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On 12/14/2017 at 10:02 AM, riccus said:

Can you imagine Baby One More Time not belong to Britney and to somebody  else?

Yes, since it actually belonged to TLC first before they decided to discard it, and Britney got it as a result. I've always wanted to hear what their version would sound like. :thinkney:

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