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How scared where you in 2007/2008

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Just now, RedCarpet said:

I don't think I was mature enough to be scared tbh

I was around 12/13 yo, her behavior was more crazy and 'fun' for me 

Same, people kept telling me she was crazy and whatever but I didn’t think much of it. I was only confused by things like the VMA performance and the fact she didn’t promote the album with TV appearances. It was all unlike her. I loved the album though, and still do.

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I wasn't scared, I was just sad watching my icon destroy her entire career and being a complete joke on every channel :kyliecry:


People would come to me and say "Hey did you see your ex pop princess doing this or that"? I was a bit ashamed tbh, I stood by her but I have to admit I was a bit angry as well :kyliecry:


But I guess it's part of growing up, I made many mistakes in my life...like many mistakes but I wasn't followed by paparazzis 24/7 :whitney:

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I was about 12 or 13 and I remember feeling sad because I knew people were judging her so much but I was also confused by some of her behavior (shaving her head, looking a mess in general, not wearing underwear in public etc.), basically the things that she could have avoided. 

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Guest I Think I'm Ready Now

I was 12 or 13, and but the whole thing was never funny to me :ineedthetruth:

When they took her kids, I thought she was going to kill herself :nopingout:

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I wasn't scared, I was just sad for her. To see the world take pleasure in tearing her apart when she was clearly going through the toughest phase of her life to me was beyond cruel and disgusting. There were WTF moments but I always knew she was a strong person and would not only survive this whole **** show but grow and mature from it. To be honest, to this day, I feel like what she did was understandable, given the very different life she was living. She was young, had all the money in the world, yet what she longed for most, she couldn't obtain or at the very least keep. Pair that with being a prisoner in your own home and being mobbed wherever you go and eventually, anyone would lose their mind at some point. The truth of the matter is: Shaving her head was her prerogative. Running around town, partying etc. was too, and ultimately an understandable distraction so many of us use to make us forget at times.  The umbrella thing to be honest only reinforced my belief in her; that she's strong and she's not gonna fall victim to all the vultures in her life. It was (granted the wrong) way of saying, "**** all of you and leave me alone." In any case, I never doubted her. If anything, the whole thing just made me realize how sick, disgustingly voyeuristic and merciless media culture and the world can be. But she got through it and that's what matters.

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I wouldn't say I was scared or 'worried sick' because as much of a Britney fan I am, I don't know her personally so I wasn't like crying everyday or that. I was concerned though. I remember I was 16 at the time so at the age where I wasn't a kid but not quite adult yet. And I remember when the video came out of her shaving her head, my sister told me but thought she was kidding then   my mum took me to one side and showed me it on the computer. I think she wanted to show me it before I found it myself to be honest. and then she explained to me that it looks like shes having a mental breakdown. Then in the weeks that followed, I constantly was reading the newspapers and online news about it. its quite sad because fore a few months I actually thought any day I was going to go online and find out she  died either by suicide or drug overdose. Then to be honest when I watched her VMA performance in 2007 I did think well that's her career over

she has done amazingly considering what she went through in 2007-2008

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I wasn't scared until the day they took her to the hospital, I knew **** was going down, literally though it's the end! And I remember she was everyday on the news for that entire year but when they showed all the police and ambulances around her house my first thought was "OMG she committed suicide or they killed her"  :crying2: 

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I was 13 back then, i was not really into it.. tho i knew her because of my older sister (she's 5 years older than me) but i was not a fan of hers like today... but i remember her episode of shaving her head and when my sister knew about that she was very impressed, and scared.. i remember being in the same room when she saw Britney's picture withouth hair and she was like.. grabbing her mouth with her hand for a few minutes...:ohnoney: she was very sad. :idkney:

After that episode,  I started to be more aware of Britney's situation, so I've felt very bad the day they took her to the hospital, at that moment I thought that one day I would wake up with a VERY bad headline about Britney's life, that was scary.

About the VMA's, my first impression was.. kind of like, dissapointed, because i had the MATM kind of Britney in my head, and I thought it was a big mess when i saw that for the first time :donewithit:, but when i see it today for example, i think it wasn't good for Britney's standars but its fine i guess.. :mattafact:

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