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Was Britney trying to sing live here?


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She touches her mic whenever she wants to sing or at least that was the theory during the Make Me VMA performance but I was watching her do Womanizer at the Bambi Awards and she touched her mic twice and you can here he sing very lightly the first time but you can hear it the second time. 2:47 is the first time and then 3:18 is the second time and you can hear her especially loud at the very end at 3:27. What do you guys think? Has she always been wanting to sing more since she dances less since after ITZ?


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Guest Arckangel
5 hours ago, Britney Cyrus said:

I'm honestly open to correction  and hope it is but it's been disproven

That debate again? You Oughta Know was fully live. On one night, she even experienced problems w/ her microphone. The audio was not precisely the same night after night. We're really running in circles, now.

@It'sSamB!tch, didn't Simon Ellos confirm YOK was live?

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