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Sam is only 23?


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Age is just a number.... older boys could be very immature and childish... on the other hand young boys sometimes has a pretty good mind.. plus, hot, flexible and fresh milk body... so.. why not? It's illegal? She can afford it, it seems good for both... so, just let them be happy  and enjoy life for God sake...



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11 minutes ago, ZAM9315 said:

I remember on an interview in the UK.  She mentioned she likes younger guys and this was before she met sam.  So there you have it

True, and she wanted a younger guy even since "Chaotic, " I think. So she could explore the world through his eyes since she's seen so mich etc.

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I don't like Sam and think he is just in it for attention but I get why Britney's attracted to him besides him obviously being conventionally good looking. I don't mean this in a bad way but I don't think mentally Britney acts like a 36 year old for whatever reason, (i think we know why) so she may just relate to younger people instead of people  her actual age. 

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