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Any more updates on that 'secret project'??


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Mind she tweeted about a 'secret project' in early November'?? Take it there's been nothing more about it??

I really hope we get some kind of recording of POM. DVD, TV broadcast I don't care. i'll be seriously p---ed off if we've had to endure 4 years of this stupid residency and for people  like me who couldnt go to Vegas, not getting to see a recording of it 

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20 minutes ago, marrecarney said:

I think it has something to do with POM and the end. Maybe it will be aired live somewhere, with a documentary along, which is the secret project.


Wishful thinking though

I am hoping this is it but they are waiting until POM ends on 31st Dec to either avoid ruining people's first time seeing it live or to avoid people just watching it on TV and then not bothering coming to the show

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