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Madonna: Pop’s Female Succubus


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On 12/9/2017 at 9:52 AM, brit4u1998 said:

I wonder if Madonna's next album will sell? 

I'm not a Madonna fan, but from 1985 to 1991 she was HUGE! And her sales still kept going on until the 90's, 00's, and early 10's. Only time will tell if her next album will sell!

Since 2008's Hard Candy. Each album has sold 50% worldwide less than the predecessor.


Hard Candy 4 Million WW

MDNA 2 Million WW

Rebel Heart 1 Million WW

Madame X 500,000 WW.


Not bad for someone from the 80s and pure sales era.


She outsold Kylie's golden, Mariah's Caution and Janet's Unbreakable and Black Diamond. 


She's doing fine. Hell she's even outsold Glory by Britney spears as well. 


This is normal for any act. 

Might not be a success in terms like Taylor swift,  Ariana and others. 


But that's not Madonna's competition.


She outsold her competition and her original protege. 


That's what matters..

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On 12/9/2017 at 9:16 PM, ShowdownITZ said:

She’s so desperate for attention :imok:

She’s not very talented and most of her music has aged so she needs to clinge on to stars so she can create controversy  :sneer:

Silliness. Look at your stupid comment. All lies! 

At least 75% of her music aged well and she's talented, yet you said she's talentless?? GO HOME!!!! And STOP!

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8 minutes ago, Leolileinstein said:

Im not proud of myself i was angry to them. 


6 minutes ago, Leolileinstein said:

Im here on exhale bc i like this forum and i love Brit, but i dont like it when some people say such things like the OP here etc.

I appreciate the kind words but still... :tiffdrink:

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