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These Are Jordan Miller's 100 Most-Played Songs On Spotify In 2017

Jordan Miller

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I am legitimately terrified to share this with you because it feels really personal, but here are MY (me, Jordan Miller, owner of BreatheHeavy.com) 100 MOST-PLAYED songs on Spotify in 2017.

Hello, I'm Jordan Miller!

I am the Editor-In-Chief and Founder/Owner of BreatheHeavy.com. If you're reading this, thank you! I recently created an About page that will fill you in on the site's 13-year history.

If you're a frequent reader of the site (slay), you'll probably recognize my allegiance to Spotify versus any of the other streaming platforms like Apple Music or Tidal. I'll admit it: I'm a Spotify STAN. If my house was on fire and I had to rescue one thing... OK I'd take my cat first but Spotify would come in as a close second. Except, Spotify is more or less a concept and can be accessed from anywhere with a wifi connection, so it doesn't matter and oh **** now I don't have a house.

Alright, enough of my rambling. I'll get right to it. I listened to a LOT of music in 2017. A music journalist? Listening to lots of music? Florals? In spring? Groundbreaking. I know! According to them, I streamed 76,059 minutes of music. That's 53 days. FIFTY THREE FULL ************* DAYS OF PLAYING MUSIC.

Spotify also informed me of what 100 songs in 2017 I listened to the most in order from most-listened to to least. I can't decide if it's extremely embarrassing to share this information, or super rad for you to get some insight in what your boy is playing while writing these blog posts day in day out. I've come to the decision that yes, this feels like the equivalent to publicly reciting a page from my journal, but I like that. I want you to get to know me better in 2018, and it starts here. Shameless plug: @itsjordanmillerbitch is my personal Instagram account and I would love for you to give me a follow.

Will I be judged for listening to Taylor Swift's "...Ready For It?" the most in 2017? Probably. Or that Demi Lovato, Kelly Clarkson and Britney make up the majority of my Top 100? Sure. And don't even get me started that 14-year-old Sophia Grace's "Hollywood" made the list, but ******* that song is a bop. Others included are Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Julia Michaels, The Weeknd, Selena Gomez and more.

Give my Top 100 most-listened to songs in 2017 playlist a spin below and get a peek inside my mind. It's a scary place I assure you, but at least it's soundtracked to some great music.

Thoughts on my Top 100? Leave a comment on our NEW comment system below!

And while you're at it... follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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Guest Diamond Horse

Pink by Julia Michaels is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo-ooooooooooooooo-oooooooooooooo coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo'

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Guest Diamond Horse
15 minutes ago, DARC1993 said:

Also got my 100 most played from Spotify so gonna post this here cause it’s sorta relevant lol   Much like Jordan’s my top genre was pop lolsqjgd3.png

That means you slay every day :queenflopga:

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