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it kinda breaks my heart

Guest riccus

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We will never hear this masterpiece  live anytime soon.I mean I get it , she's a mature woman and it would be so absurd her to sing this. But as a Britney fan , I can't tell you the memories this song gave me. She won't perform this live. It's heart breaking. :yaknow:



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8 minutes ago, Dripping For Britney said:

We'll always have the iconic beauty of the video though 


yes man, she was out of this world beautiful on the video.  I used to think she was the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.


well she was indeed :







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51 minutes ago, breaktheiceofmrv said:

It wouldn't be absurd imo.It's one of her oldest songs and she's a singer.Of course she can sing it at her concerts.If she sings a brand new song about this topic,that would be absurd :tehe: 

Fingers crossed.I hope so:sendinglove:

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1 hour ago, TravOnTheMoon. said:

when I was way younger and this song came out, i would always be like "...then are you a man or..?" :omg:


oh, to be naive n dumb :tiffhair:

it's funny , I'm same age with Jamie Lynn and my english was worst when the album came out and I get the meaning right away. :kyliecry: 

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