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Do You Know ALL the Britney Lyrics? (POLL)

Do You Know ALL the Britney Lyrics?  

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16 minutes ago, storm said:

Still don't know

MATM (fast part)

I'm up against the speaker, tryna take on the music, it's like a competition, me against the beat, I wanna get in the zone (I wanna get in the zone)

If you really wanna battle, saddle up and getcha rhythm, tryna hit it --chi-kah-ta--

In a minute, I'mma take you on (I'mma take you on, hey hey hey)

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more or less

there are many songs that have certain parts I don't even know what she says when I'm listening to them, and probably many lyrics I'm sure I know, are probably wrong, but I think memorizing the "oohs" and "whoas" and "yeahs" is the easiest part.

I think the one I always get wrong is Slave, because I always want to add a "baby" after "I'm not tryin' to hide it" on every chorus, but that "baby" only appears in the second chorus. I've noticed Britney often adds it too, whether she's lipsyncing or not.


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