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If Britney wants a hit then make a song about a place

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Well, "Havana" is about somewhere that seems exotic and **** to a lot of people (Cuba). Unfortunately, Kentwood, Louisiana is the polar opposite on both fronts. :overitkbye: I also wouldn't recommend a song about Vegas, because once something has been most recently done by Katy Keene...err, Perry, it's kind of tainted forever (i.e., "Waking Up in Vegas"). :tbh:

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11 hours ago, RODRIGO. said:

Despacito is a place? :orangu: 

'Despacito' means slowly so you're right, it's not a place but the song talks about having *** on a beach in Puerto Rico ... and the music video was filmed in Puerto Rico


Vamos a hacerlo en una playa en Puerto Rico                        We are going to do it on a beach in Puerto Rico
 Hasta que las olas griten “¡ay, bendito!”                                    Until the waves shout   “oh my God!”                             

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