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How would you feel if Britney worked with SOPHIE?

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6 hours ago, BoyToySoldier said:

A couple songs would be great. Britney has that firey attitude in her voice needed to pull off a SOPHIE production.

In fact, Karen Kwak wanted Secret for Glory.


I don't really like it, it sounds a little bit like a Blackout demo remixed :4music:
But it has that "Britney" vibe

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3 hours ago, vlexbvker said:

How do you know this? I love this song!


I did another song for Charli XCX called "Secret" that Karen really liked, and for a second she thought it could be for Britney Spears. Then Charli ended up releasing it, and it was meant to be because it's perfect for Charli. But ever since then Karen was like, "Whatever song you have next, send it to me."

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