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It's sad that people can't understand that 90% of her songs are HER natural voice.


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After hearing so many outtakes of her recording songs, ie: Toxic for example.

It's crazy how well she is actually singing most of her songs. Granted she may have warmed up alot before hand.

It's mainly just layering her voice and adding delay effects. Because while she sings amazing, sometimes her voice is too soft and small to carry a larger range of vocals for a part of a song.

I noticed yesterday Gimme More is all her singing. No autotune. No helping her sing. Just background vocals by Keri, layering some of Britney's and giving the voice a overall "quality" for that specific song.

Sorry if I'm ranting. I just hate that people think she uses a spectacle of effects and autotune in the studio because she doesn't. 

She had that voice when she sang in Star Search at 10, and she still has it. Albeit stronger in her deep notes but yeah..

Cue the Britney Jean jokes too... Haha

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i get where these people come from, they wanna hear the voice they heard from BOMT album (they still do since she uses them on POM :tiffcackle:)

and i agree that it would be nice to hear some songs in her lower register like how she sang in tom's diner, but britney is known for her distinct voice and if you heard it anywhere, you'd instantly know its britney, 

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