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12 Days of Britmas - Announcement


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Over the past few years, I've written an album of songs for Britney to sing and I've made an assortment of other creations. Rather than continuing to collect and enjoy these pieces for myself, I think it's time to gift them to fellow fans during 12 Days of Britmas!

The 12 Days of Britmas will begin at noon Central Time on Britney's birthday: Saturday, December 2nd.

Tune in to see...

12 Songs for Britney (Original Lyrics & Melodies. I'll include rough vocal demos for several songs.)

11 Live Looks (Pixel Artney)

10 Red Carpet Looks (Pixel Artney)

9 Album Covers (Pixel Artney)

8 Blackout Poems (Blackout-style poems based on Blackout album lyrics)

7 MORE Blackout Poems

6 Extra Verses (Bonus verses for some of my favorite tracks by Britney)

5 Random Things!

40 Music Video Looks (Pixel Artney)

3 Spec Songs (Alternate versions of Pretty Girls, Make Me Ooh, and Just Luv Me)

2 Music Vids (One from a trip to the beach with family, another from a trip to see POM with friends)

And a question proposed on bended knee...


I can't express how excited I am to share this with y'all. I grew up in Louisiana as a Britney Spears superfan. Over the years, I have gained tremendous respect for Britney the artist and Britney the person. As my passion for songwriting grew, I sought a project to pay tribute to the person whose music first inspired me. My Only Wish (This Year) is to write songs for and with The Legendary Miss Britney Spears. 

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16 minutes ago, jamaphone said:

Alternate versions of Pretty Girls

The original version shouldn't have ever existed, never mind alternate versions. :anxiety:


(Sounds like a good idea, though) :sendinglove:

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1 hour ago, Goku said:

what? sorry I'm not understanding, what it is this stuff? :ineedthetruth:

fan made videoclips and remix? :ineedthetruth:

I wrote 12 original songs for Britney to record if she wants them. I made (very) rough vocal demos to get the lyrics and melodies across.

I'm releasing one demo per day starting Saturday to celebrate her b-day & Christmas!

I'll also be throwing in some fan art that I've made, 2 funny music videos set to her songs, and a few other surprises. 

Each day will have something nostalgic and something new...

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