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For a comeback album, do you think Circus sold well?


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i think 1.7M is a little underwhelming considering all the hype surrounding her comeback at the time. I was expecting it to sell at least 2M+ or perhaps even 3M. It had 2 major hits, a sold out (NA dates) tour.

By comparison, here are some albums released in 2008 by female pop stars:

*The Fame by Lady Gaga - 3x platinum (4.7M)

*One of the Boys by Katy Perry - platinum (1.7M)

*Funhouse by Pink - 3x platinum (3M)

*Fearless by Taylor Swift - 7x platinum (7.1M)

*I Am... Sasha Fierce by Beyonce - 2x platinum (3.8M)


During the promotional period of the album she avoided major award shows such as AMAs, Grammys, and even VMAs; her last promotional performance for the album was in GMA during her birthday. I think it may have taken away some momentum from the commercial performance of the album. Even the last 2 singles did not get any promotions aside from the music videos.


What do you guys think?


Oh and advanced happy anniversary to Circus too. #Circus9

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18 minutes ago, Itachi said:

*The Fame by Lady Gaga - 3x platinum (4.7M) - she was an new artist and had a lot of hype

*One of the Boys by Katy Perry - platinum (1.7M) - Never heard of that album

*Funhouse by Pink - 3x platinum (3M) - Pink still has a strong fanbase and she's talented so no surprise here

*Fearless by Taylor Swift - 7x platinum (7.1M) - All the teen/tweens got their allowance at that time

*I Am... Sasha Fierce by Beyonce - 2x platinum (3.8M) - No comment. 


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I think she's extremely lucky that she sold a single solitary album. :outwithit:

She'd just gone to rehab three times, shaved her head, turned in a botched performance at the VMA's a year and a half before, flashed her lady parts to the paps, walked around in public with menstrual  blood showing on her exposed underwear, been 5150'd twice, was accused of abusing *****, had her parental rights stripped and had been put under a conservatorship.

The fact that her career doesn't look like Lindsay Lohan's right now has always seemed like a bit of a miracle to me. Things easily could have gone in an entirely different direction.

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I think it was good if you compare it with "Blackout" sales... Yes, it could have sold more than that but in my opinion it was great anyway.. Oh, and Gaga, Katy and Taylor were at the peak of their career/just starting it and they were hugely popular back then and Britney wasn't. That's the reason they sold more copies than Britney.

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