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Which Britney song do you wish you could listen to for the first time again?


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12 minutes ago, Saturn Princess said:

Mood Ring. I don't know why, but there was something truly magical about listening to it for the first time. I remember exactly where I was the first time that I listened, and I remember just playing it over and over again. That song deserved better :meltdown:

I remember gently grasping my **** ring as I listened to it for the fist time :kyliecry:

Magical :kyliecry:

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Hold it against me :giggleney:

I instantly loved the entire Femme Fatale album tracklist right after the first listen but this song had everything I wanted from Britney: 

-A catchy melodic bridge 

- A powerful beat 

-A smashing breakdown 

And as if it wasn't enough, the end of the song when the melody is combined with the uptempo sound and those dubstep effects, I felt alive again :unbelievableney: It's a roller coaster of sounds and this what the lead single of the B10 album MUST sound like regardless what style, genre or direction it follows. I want something that smashes my freaking ears until they bleed like HIAM did :lessons:


The chill Flop Me can't relate. :tiffdrink:


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Gimme More... I still remember the first time I heard it like it was yesterday... I was sitting by my bedroom window, drinking some red wine  when I saw that her song had leaked. I put my ear phones in because it was super late and it was a school night and I didn't want my parents finding me drunk bopping to Britney at 3am lol. When the beat came on, I had the volume on way too loud, freaked for a second, and accidentally spilled the wine all over my computer. But it kept working and the song kept playing, so I was like "**** it, I wanna hear Gimme More til the end before I clean this mess up"  :TOMH:

Also I remember when I read in the newspaper that Britney was about to release Oops! I did Again. I was 8 and I freaked because I was like ..... "wait.. that's not how this is supposed to go. She's released BOMT, Crazy, Sometimes, skipped Soda Pop coz it's a mess, BTMYH, FTBOMBH ... it's I Will Be There's turn FFS!!" But then I heard Oops! for the first time and I was like **** it.... bye IWBT! :)


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Between 3 and Hold It Against Me.

I just remember being so anxious for both of them. 3 we’d heard all these crazy religious rumors and there was so much anticipation of how controversial the song would be. Fake lyric leaks and everything. When it premiered on Elvis Duran, it was just the most infectious track. The prechorus. That drop in the second chorus. The bridge. It was all too much.

Hold It Against Me pretty much the same. I remember the demo leaked and by that time we were so so so thirsty for a new era. That breakdown and Britney’s “hazaaaay” and the whole dubstep mix. Insanity.

As far as the internet and experiencing new music with other pop fans, the whole Circus-Femme Fatale time period is unmatched. Like everyone, not just the Army, was paying attention. I don’t know if I’ll ever experience anything like that again. :kyliecry:

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Baby one more time. I first heard the song because the video came on the box. When I saw it I was like who is this, she's awesome and cool and I can't wait til it comes on again so I can record it. When Britney made her debut, it was just the best time ever. Freshed faced, and new to the game, not jaded in anyway yet. At that time I would have never imagined what was coming, but I did know she was going to be s a star. 

And id definitely love to live that moment again.


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14 hours ago, Chaoscontrol said:

I absolutely LOVED 3 when it first came out, it was the moment I was truly a fan:otears:


Most recently? Probably Love Me Down. It was the only song from the leaks of Glory I listened too before I got the cd (besides the promo singles) and I was absolutely obsessed! 

we were separated at birth 

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