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Does the general public want to hear music from Britney again?

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On 11/15/2017 at 12:35 PM, Kiiddy said:

Thing is though, there are quite a lot of mainstream pop artists that never really change the subject with their music.
I mean its rare that you actually see pop stars doing a Michael Jackson and releasing songs exploring several different subjects throughout their career.
I think @PokemonSpears hit the nail on the head with that, if the song is catchy enough, the gp will be feeling Britney just like they have for years. 
Britney certainly isn't the only artist to stick to one certain subject within her music.
I mean even artists like Adele have a very continuous, common theme which is heartbreak and love.
Britney's common, continuous theme is love, *** and up-lifting, fun-loving, feel-good party sort of music.

If she has gp friendly music, good marketing and promo, the gp will respond well to it I reckon.  

Yes, that is true. However, my worry is that her success as of late has not been great. If people have lost interest, her original formula might not be enough to bring people back in. Maybe, it really is more of her image but I always feel like Britney herself wanted more but just settled with being a *** pot because during the time she created the image, she had no control over her music. She is an accomplished, adult woman who has far more opportunity to do what she wants and hopefully, the audience would respond well to that. Unfortunately,  I don't think she cares.

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7 hours ago, Pedro Dantas said:

I can't at the people sayng "The GP has no taste". :tiffcackle:

Ya'll sure weren't saying that when BOMT and OIDIA were going diamond. :tiffcackle:

Was it the Army that bought those 10 million plus copies of each album? :tiffcackle:

No, but it definitely wasn't the current generation of kids and teens that determines nowadays what's good and what's not, and highly doubt that people that used to buy Britney albums back in the day would pay for her music nowadays, since she's changed so much. 

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