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Changes next era?

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Wear jeans or any kind of pants at all. Ditch the lingerie. Edit: NO MORE LEOTARDS EITHER.

Perform LESS songs, but put more effort into each performance. More choreography, less zumba. If she doesn't want to spend all of her time rehearsing, she shouldn't be performing 20+ songs and having the vast majority of them be cringe worthy.

Sing SOMETHING live. Even one song, I don't care.

Hire a PROFESSIONAL makeup artist for every single performance and public appearance.

No more fun stuff, PERIOD.

I can dream...

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Vegas to be over and interviews to have the word 'Vegas' to be bloody banned

Interviews to be actually about the album instead of Vegas

if Britney has to do collabs. can it be bloody proper collabs?. Not getting a crap rapper no-one has heard of *Cough* Tinashe *Cough* and giving them 2 or 3 lines of a song or adding a pointless 30 second rap.  

WORLD TOUR - Including UK

Goes without saying - will.i.am not to be involved but think Britney's team has probably banned him from going near future Britney albums


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