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Should Britney Pull A Chris Brown?

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Chris Brown released an album with 40+ tracks, should Britney follow suit?

Has there been a woman to release a new album with that many songs? Not including greatest hits or box sets of old songs?

Some are saying Chris is giving you a bang for your buck in a struggling sales music climate will more follow that or will Britney continue to release 12 track albums or albums with 10 songs?


What's better? Britney having less songs and them all being strong or an album with a ton of songs?

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in Britney's case we need an unauthorized Britney album release like they did with Christina in the past.

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What will she release next music wise?

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From an artistic perspective just as those above said, quantity is not equal quality. It could be 80% fillers and 2 or 3 good songs but yeah, that would be good. 

From a business perspective is not so smart since every song needs production and it obviously costs $$$ so how much income RCA can get from an album with high budget but average quality and britney not even wanting to barely promote it??  

It would end up even worse than the BJ album with rushed tracks just to fill the album and totally ignored after the 1st or 2ND flop because RCA won't invest in something that doesn't succeed in sales and based on their brilliant and totally sense - promotion strategy it will be a worse mess than the BJ and Glory eras combined. 

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i couldn't even make it thru miley cyrus and her dead petz :forkit:

i think 40 tracks on a britney album would be a little overwhelming since it would take like 2 or 3 hours just to listen to in its entirety 

plus i feel like they'd end up sounding the same, id rather have 12 really strong tracks than 40 tracks that would contain a few good ones but end up getting lost in the album 

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**** no. It'd be full of fillers and underproduced tracks. :byebitch:

And even if she magically comes up with 40 great well-produced tracks, a 40-track album would be a struggle to get through. You can make 3 or 4 albums with that many tracks. If she did come up with 40 great tracks, I'd prefer if she divided them into various albums (like pt. 1, pt. 2 and pt. 3, and 2 or 3 deluxe tracks for each of them). 

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2 hours ago, Michaelgiftos said:

I love Chris Browns music and his new album but a lot of the songs are fillers it could’ve easily been a strong 18/20 track album. I’d love it if Britney did 18/20 songs for B10 like Xtina usually does. But I’m also here for a solid 10 Song album that’s super strong. 

We usually always get a lot of songs though.

BOMT - 15

Oops - 16 (My Only Wish, 17)

Britney - 16

ITZ - 16 (With GH, Chaotic and BITM, 24)

Blackout - 15

Circus - 18

Femme Fatale - 17 (With S&M, 18)

BJ - 13 (With OLL and S&S, 15)

Glory - 18 (With PG and TD, 20)

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