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This makes me wanna cry (not ooh..)

George Kallis

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To be honest, the only one I really like is the 1st one from the first pic, the skin colored corse. The rest are too revealing but who cares. The time where it should have been useful to be released or at least leaked as gone. We need to move on to the B10 era asap!!! I honestly don't care about a thing related to the boring unexistent Glory era. The album was cool but the rest it's been removed from my memory, it never happened and it never existed :idkha:

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Sometimes I wish she could wear little bit less **** stuff....I always read on the internet that people think she dresses like a *****.....

I mean I kind of understand them....She doesn't need to dress like this tbh....

I know she has this **** image, but you can be **** maybe in a more classy way :outwithit:

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Triggered :triggered:


As many of you have stated... this was my biggest meltdown and I have been on here since 2005. When the rumors of the video being scrapped started to circulate I was skeptical but I shoulda know better. Once the video was release and watched it on Vevo I wanted To throw my phone against the wall

this was literally me :meltdown:

I couldnt believe it. I honestly thought I was dreaming 

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It wasn't so much the new video that pissed me off, it was the fact that she was teasing something for weeks, giving us BTS and everything. Then all of a sudden she drops that piece of **** on VEVO and her along with the entire team goes dead silent. As if we're just supposed to forget everything that was shown to us and accept the new product without any sort of explanation. She's frolicking in Hawaii while nobody else is telling us anything to the point where we have to go and bash dancers to get some sort of detail.

To think we forgave Britney Jean and another scrapped video... but this? This was just the straw that broke the camel's back. The desert performance meltdown isn't justified because it was never confirmed to be true, but this was... we were advertised this and we got something that just wasn't up to par with what a high profile director like DLC could come up with.

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1 hour ago, STARTWINK said:

I'm all here for **** video, but that was too much seriously. It literally makes no sense and from what I have seen it's not **** it's,.....vulgar. 

Like Britney was screaming she didn't like it and called him (David) an *******

Britney doesn't need to do this kind of **** for little publicity. This video wouldn't do any good for her imagine. Only thing it would've done is shut her fans up.

Exactly, people were only going crazy for it because she was nude and they were like “omg she’ll shock the world”.

Like you said, the video makes no sense

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Those costumes scream Britney Spears and are worthy of her "Princess of Pop" title.

Like mentioned above, they hyped a sexier, mature Britney for the early part of 2016 and with the hype/praise from the BBMA's, everyone was here for her new record. When the snippets leaked, the video footage and when the single/cover were uploaded, the reaction was positive.

The fanbase got their answers from insiders through rumors and it eventually turned out to be true. Team Britney never once addressed the fact that the video was reshot or anything until Britney's answer of "My girls and I just finished shooting a video interviewing guys."

After that, it just seemed the image they wanted for Britney was changed into a leotard wearing diva instead of the ***-siren the original MM and the early photoshoots/Instagram teases were portraying her to be. It also didn't help they didn't capitalize on MM when it was hot and when the song died, they didn't move on quickly to a new single until the winter season.

Those costumes are amazing. 

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On 11/8/2017 at 7:14 PM, Goku said:

why this guy stopped to recording the video exactly when she's finally on the camera?


this dude have more stuff for sure, and needs to be leaked 



It was a female PR consultant who was doing the filming, at her mother's house if I remember correctly. She originally posted the clip on Twitter or Instagram. I remember looking at her Instagram.

When I went back to find it later it had been removed.

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7 hours ago, Goku said:

they killed her


Maybe... :decisions:

At the time it seemed like a PR stunt. Why would a woman who just happened to be a PR consultant just happen to have family living right in front of the set and just happen to catch Britney yelling at David LaChapelle and then just happen to post that short mysterious clip on Instagram?

Obviously, nobody knew that something bad was going to happen with the video later on in the filming...But the entire thing was just strange.

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