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Favorite Tour Single Performance During Its Era Released Time


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What's your favorite tour performance of a single during its era (or close to it)? 

In other words, the tour performance of a single during its release time (i.e. Slave in DWAD, Circus in Circus Tour, I Wanna Go in Femme Fatale Tour)

Mall Tour/NSYNC Opening Act

  • Baby One More Time
  • Sometimes


Baby One More Time Tour

  • Crazy


Crazy2k Tour

  • Born To Make You Happy
  • From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart
  • Oops I Did It Again (technically OIDIA era but it was released during this tour)


Oops I Did It Again Tour

  • Lucky
  • Stronger
  • Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know


Dream Within A Dream Tour

  • I'm A Slave 4 U
  • Overprotected 
  • I'm Not A Girl Not Yet A Woman
  • Overprotected (Dark Child Remix)
  • I Love Rock & Roll
  • Boys (Co-Ed Remix)
  • Anticipating


Onyx Hotel Tour

  • Me Against The Music
  • Toxic
  • Everytime
  • Outrageous


M&M Tour

  • Do Somethin'


Circus Tour (including Blackout singles here that were performed)

  • Womanizer
  • Piece Of Me
  • Circus
  • If U Seek Amy
  • Radar


Femme Fatale Tour

  • Hold It Against Me
  • Till The World Ends
  • I Wanna Go


Piece Of Me Residency

  • Work *****
  • Perfume
  • Pretty Girls
  • Make Me
  • Slumber Party


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5 hours ago, Dark.Knight said:



I loved this performance as well, she carried it all on her own dancing AND singing live (occasionally). But my favorite performance for the DWAD tour was Oops.

Did she perform the darkchild remix during DWAD though (since it is referred to under DWAD under your OP)?  I thought she didn't perform it untill the OHT ?

My all time ever favorite performances are Circus and piece of me from the TCSBS.

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