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Britney's New Era (B10+)


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I've done some studying. My life has taken me across the US over the past couple years and I've always been known as the "Britney fan". No one has ever once known about ******** or much about Glory and has vaguely known about Vegas but knows TTWE and some of the FF music and Circus music, so I say... :girlwhat: if Brit decided to ditch Vegas I'm sure even with the shittiest plan she could resonate and get a hit album and single, whatchu think? :outwithit:

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8 minutes ago, DoSomething954 said:

Vegas isn't the only problem wrong with her brand though

True. But we haven't had a non Vegas era since FF, everything has been focused on that garbage. The GP doesn't care for it. What I'M saying is every time I've exposed a non fan to her newest music they love it. Ditch Vegas and do some promo and ... :unreal:

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12 minutes ago, patr!ckjean said:

True. But we haven't had a non Vegas era since FF, everything has been focused on that garbage. The GP doesn't care for it. What I'M saying is every time I've exposed a non fan to her newest music they love it. Ditch Vegas and do some promo and ... :unreal:

I guess I'm just more of a wait and see (no pun intended) type of fan. Because realistically if she or her team wanted to do more promo, they could. Vegas is a gig she does a few times a week for a bit and then she's off every other month. I think even when it ends, not much will change in terms of how her career is. She doesn't even talk about her music on social media which is prob the easiest medium to reach fans..

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40 minutes ago, Brad Adamson said:

She needs to start caring about what she is doing - thats her problem. She doesn’t care, she abandons albums two singles deep, she performs barely anything new - basically, the bare minimum that will get her and her team the pay cheque. 

This. Vegas has improved her confidence and personality but as a sacrifice to her career as a performer. Which honestly, I'm happy about.

However, her team isn't pushing to promote nor is she bothering because Vegas ranks in all the dough. I think the reason why Britney Jean was given zero promotion because the residency was pulling in the money. With Glory, it was given a little more leeway because the ticket sales haven't been as strong as the first legs, so they needed some kind of pull to keep the machine running.

I hope that with Vegas over, they'll have no choice but to keep the promotion running.

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She just needs to promote more. Even in Vegas she has PLENTY of time to promote. It all comes down to actually doing it, if she wants. 

If anything, Vegas gave her a lot of free time, but she's not using that free time for promotion or anything else. 

She rather spend time with her family, and that's fine, but why bother releasing something and calling it your baby, to not really show you care for it? I just don't get it. 

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Vegas is only a tiny part of the problem. Britney has become very comfortable doing the minimum for a long time, that's her problem. 

This is probably impossible at this point but there are a lot of things she could do:


1. Better promo. Instead of promoting her vegas show on the BBMAs, iHeart, AMF etc. she could have performed new songs from Glory

2. Loosen up for god's sake. She moves awkwardly on stage and does not seem to have rhythm like she used to. She barely moves her legs too. Maybe get a better choreographer and work harder on the dance moves? She should be able to perform and get positive reactions instead of people calling her stiff and robotic

3. Here's a crazy thought... why not SING more often? It's ridiculous that live singing is not an option 99.9% of the time. She lost people's respect as artist/singer. Whenever someone casually calls her an artist or singer people tear that person apart, mainly because she lip syncs all the time, does not really dance that good and has a reputation for not writing her songs (or her hit songs mainly). She could easily sing the verses for most of her song, add dance breaks when it's convenient and mime during the dance break, not really hard, she's not a shitty singer, she could do it if she tried.

4. I don't know if this is relevant, but we can all agree she's an easy target for regular people AND some celebs. People just casually shade her without thinking about it. Sometimes her silence doesn't do any good. It's good to take the high road, but sometimes she needs to draw the line and let some people know that they've crossed it. 




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