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‘If Britney survived 2007 you can get through today’ - This article sums up why we must HATE this slogan.

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4 hours ago, troubleforyou said:

For real? A big event? Are you serious?!!!??

An event?! Have some respect. This was a woman on the brink of sanity. Not a soap opera. 

For her personal life, yes it was traumatic. But as far as pop culture is concerned, it was an definitely an event, a spectacle. It was one of the most talked about moments in pop culture. 

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I really think it would be 1) iconic for career to speak about it and use it to her advantage in an era (documentary ala Gaga & Selena; empowerment of mental health; show how she's a phoenix who has risen and is stronger than ever) 2) it would allow her to control her narrative (and not let others just call her crazy) and 3) it would help a lot of people around the world. 

I know she has her reasons for not doing those and I fully respect them- not everybody has to do it. I just dream that she wanted to and if she felt comfortable doing it because if executed well, it could be good for her career and a lot of people. 

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Yeah it's definitely her prerogative to discuss or not discuss what happened, but as others stated it hurt her career not really talking about it. Thats very obvious.

That's why her breakdown is still mentioned because she's still so different 10 years later. Had she come back like the Britney ppl grew up knowing and really given the public more memorable moments, they'd have no reason to bring it up. It would be a footnote. Instead, 10 years later it's still the huge elephant in the room. Every article that should be praising her genuinely is almost like a pity praise. Like "omg look how well she's still doing! We thought she'd be crazy again this month!" And without ever giving insight into what happened or what's wrong now (if anything) ppl will continue to speculate that she's still "crazy" or just pity her.

And maybe 10 years ago her team didn't really know how to market her as the changed person she was. So they just pushed her out there and made her pump out pop songs. Which hurt again because more ppl started to call her a puppet who is being controlled and robotic and a wind up doll. It's like her whole brand needs damage control because they failed to properly figure out an angle to spin it. 

But back to the OPs point lol I never take that phrase as disrespectful. It's just saying if she overcame that horrible time, I can get over whatever insignificant crap I'm dealing/stressing over. Which is true 

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i feel like whoever wrote this article was reading too much into it tbh...

its basically saying that celebs now speak about their mental illnesses in social media while britney couldn't because she had no form of communication to the gp without her words being manipulated which is an obvious given bc twitter didn't exist back then

but about the memes, i dont see anything wrong with them bc they're just saying that britney, one of the most influential pop stars at the time, made it through the hell that the media put her through for over a year. she's stronger and is in a better state of mind and you should be able to handle a bad day or an inconvenience.

its like saying if Niel Armstrong made it to the moon, you can make it to school/work. maybe this was a bad example idk where i was going with this:donewithit:

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13 hours ago, troubleforyou said:

It’s because she’s never spoken about it. And why should she?

Why should Selena and Demi be granted respect and understanding and acceptance, while Britney just gets branded ‘crazy’?  

Its vulgar to witness how meme worthy her breakdown has become, since, like the article says, her scars are still wide open.



Britney said one day she would write a book about it.. at the time I think she even says 10 years??

Britney is definitely gearing up for that book with a lot of credible sources saying it's a deep, personal & sometimes shocking tell all.. 

Shes always done things on her terms, when she's ready & she's kind of a  Genius when it comes to her career path, how she plays it, all of it. 2 decades!!! Now that her "Comeback Fire" is out she will use & probably saved that "shocking tell all" for the time when she needed to hit the reignition switch.. 

we'll just have to wait & see...

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While i do think mental health is an issue that should not be treated lightly and I can understand why some people may consider this disrespectful, as someone said, I’ve always thought this quote was meant to be like “hey, Britney got over all this **** going on in her life, you can handle this”

I hate it how mental health problems seem to be glamorised and considered “cool” or “grunge” or whatever.. that’s society I guess :whitneyshade:

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16 hours ago, Britman512 said:

It makes me so sad the way she was treated she was so young and legit nobody cared that she was sick. The media told her she was a princess but then the same media made money off her downfall. I hope she writes a book one day about 2007. Only brit can know how she felt back then.



I hope she writes an autobiography in general. 

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11 hours ago, Rachel Green said:

I hate it how mental health problems seem to be glamorised and considered “cool” or “grunge” or whatever.. that’s society I guess :whitneyshade:

This. I know people who think it’s cool to say “I have OCD” when they probably don’t even know half of what that disorder is about. :whitneyshade:

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