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Here it is!!! "It's Britney *****, Twenty [Legacy Edition]", my greatest creation lol


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I had posted in here last week about creating a 20th Anniversary Collection & with tons of work, taking in opinions & just pure Stan love.. I've created my 20th Anniversary Collection & I'm actually beaming about it! 

I am actually editing the music now & setting it up for D/L as soon as it's PERFECT!!!! 

I really hope stans love it as much as I do!!!! I worked REEEAAAAALLLLLYYYYY HARD!!!! Still am actually making sure the final edit of the audio is as professional as possible!!! 

The Intro, interludes & outro are all tour stuff... so it gives it a really nice touch for stans..


I'm currently working on editing the tracks together & (4 Tha Love Of Gahhhwwwd) I've already made a few changes lololol aiye!


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4 hours ago, MissSpearsSaysSo said:

I love the track listing. It's orgazmic.  :verycool:

Ugh!! Lord!! I'm gonna tell you something.. making it was NOT orgasmic!! It's so incredibly hard to take her discography & narrow it down. Especially hard to make it a Greatest Hits & Stan Friendly & Fresh! TBH I've already tweaked 2 things lol for the 6th or 700th time! 

The real magic is happening as I edit it. I'm pretty much creating it to flow as one creature or a "show". That process has started to aggravate me because I'm finding that certain things don't fit, need to be moved or whatever else..

One thing is for sure, I'm really putting effort into it as if it's actually going to be released LMFAO!!! So, hopefully by the end of all this it'll really be something quite special.

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1 hour ago, Duabhit said:

I think there's something interrsting in your cover art. 

Thanks.. at first it was going to be a generic cover, sort of like "The Singles Collection".. my 1st cover def looked more like what RCA would throw together.. then I remembered how much I loved that picture promoting POM:Vegas.. the one where she was doing the snap on BTI & then they cast it to be a shadow.. 

So then I looked up "Britney Sillouettes" to find it or ones like it, I wanted to do "shadows" with the albino snake from the VMA's slithering through them. I have a waaaaaay better cover in my mind but I'm not a graphics person. So I'm sticking to creating a fire collection & then maybe ppl will dig it & a graphics person might help me bring my intended cover to life :)

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3 hours ago, WilderWein said:

Hope you had a great time making it! I want to make one too

When this is completely finished.. I'm going to throw it at everyone screaming "THIS IS LOVE"!!!!! Lolololol 

But interestingly, I did think.. "How cool would it be if fans put together collections too". It could def be a great way to trend her 20th! 

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