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On this day... 9/18 CANDIDS (Britney and Kevin's wedding day)

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So even though I know it's really not my place to judge someone else's relationship as an outside observer, I've personally always felt as though they were infatuated with one another, but not actually in love. Britney, in particular, was seemingly deeply infatuated with Kevin, and had mistaken that with love instead. 

I found this list outlining the difference between the two emotions on Thought Catalog, and I found it both surprisingly well written, as well as very accurate with regard to their situation. I think any of us who were Britney fans during the course of their sudden, tumultuous relationship, or even the later fans who've just witnessed it via "Chaotic," can definitely see the relevance in the majority, if not all, of the points outlined here. I bolded a few that were just glaringly obvious to me personally:

1. Infatuation happens instantly. Love is a slow process.

2. Infatuation craves physical affection. Love craves a deeper connection.

3. Infatuation makes you act irrationally or ‘crazy.’ Love calms you down.

4. Infatuation is intense but short-lived. Love is comfortable but lasts longer.

5. Infatuation is reckless with our emotions. Love is more considerate.

6. Infatuation has ulterior motives. Love has genuine intentions.

7. Infatuation brings out obsession and jealousy. Love brings out understanding and trust.

8. Infatuation is shallow. Love is deep.

9. Infatuation is selfish and draining. Love is kind and energizing.

10. Infatuation makes a big deal out of small things. Love lets them go.

11. Infatuation is being in love with the idea of someone. Love is being in love with who the person really is.

12. Infatuation is possessive. Love is generous.

13. Infatuation holds grudges. Love forgives.

14. Infatuation keeps you guessing. Love answers your questions.

15. Infatuation thrives on playing games. Love thrives on meaningful connections.

16. Infatuation is rocky. Love is solid.

17. Infatuation is delusional. Love is real.

18. Infatuation follows a timeline. Love is timeless.

19. Infatuation has unrealistic expectations. Love has realistic standards.

20. Infatuation is childish. Love is mature.

21. Infatuation grows with desire. Love grows with friendship.

22. Infatuation stems from insecurity. Love stems from self-assurance.

23. Infatuation makes you vengeful. Love makes you a better person.

24. Infatuation makes you forget you have a life. Love is integrated with yours.

25. Infatuation can leave unannounced. Love provides explanations.

26. Infatuation is never content with one person. Love is monogamous.

27. Infatuation is undefined. Love is exclusive.

28. Infatuation is loud. Love is quiet.

29. Infatuation can be self-destructive. Love can heal you.

30. Infatuation thinks love should be perfect. Love knows it’s not but it doesn’t matter. 


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17 hours ago, cheri said:

those wedding pics only make me sad bc it's the face of two ppl who made kevin's little daughter cry on tv  LargeWickedBug-size_restricted.gif

His little girl was actually shown crying on TV? God, that's sad. I hate when kids become casualties in the dissolution of parental relationships. Adults tend to think that children are far more resilient than they actually are when it comes to familial conflict. There is so much research indicating that during early childhood, the emergence of insecure attachment bonds between parent and child continue to negatively impact the child for the remainder of their life; it even bleeds over into all of their intimate relationships during adulthood. I wish people were more cognizant of that.

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