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The type of performances Britney should be doing


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With all this conversation in the last few months about her lip synching and performance ability, Britney should be doing performances where she sings a verse and chorus live with minimal choreography and great production/busy stage and then bust out in a full on dance break/choreography without having to focus on singing or anything else but dancing and then jump back into a final chorus with more production and "woos" and ad libs. I don't see why her team hasn't pushed for more of these kind of performances, especially if they want to show case/focus on her dancing. J.Lo and Tinashe do it a lot and so do a lot of other artists that incorporate dance into their routines. 

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Never cared for the production/set up of this performance, but Britney herself killed it. Fully agree about her needing to sing live when not doing much, then save the lip syncing for when she dances hard. They need to stop adding choreo in just to add it in. No more pointless choreography. Sing live and show off stage presence on verses, and give strong dance breaks with excellent, meaningful choreo.

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