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TRL hyping it's come back with Britney, AGAIN

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Guest BreatheOnMoi

Omfg yesterday I was in the car with my nephews in the back and Oops came on and I freaked a little, and the older one who's 8 said that's Britney Spears and I was so elated. :crying1: 

sorry not related but the tag line on this made me wanna share :crying1:


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Guest Paris Hilton $

can't wait for salami margarita showing her singing skills in times square :ponderney:

followed by katie perrie embarrassing songs choreography props attitude hair costumes... :brityeah:

so much hype :pieceofwhat:

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6 hours ago, -OnMyRadar- said:

Can we please have Damien Fahey back? 


What would mtv do without Britney?

I don't like any of the several hosts they chose. They seem way too "current" and edgy and too much like what I've hated about MTV for a while now. It worked with Damien and Carson bc they were just very simple and everyone liked them. I'm worried about the new hosts being annoying.

But I guess we'll see.

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She was the queen of trl i grew up watching trl and the last episode the number one video was Britney Baby One More time :P  Not to mention every video she released went 1. SHE best be showing her face or i wont be there :P :foh::foh::foh:


I dont watch anything unless shes going to be on it :P for the most part. like the VMAS without Britney are pointless also... they should know this by now

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