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first quarter of 2013 candids official appreciation thread


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1 hour ago, Britné said:

She looks better in 2013 than the year before during xfactor. She probably started the fun stuff there, then she liked the result and decided to do more .... She looked great until 2014, now it doesn't look narural.

she started the fun stuff in may of 2013 (beginning of 2nd quarter)

may 7th





October 10th


but it was very subtle and looked good

2014, that's when she started changing drastically 



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3 hours ago, TomM0RE said:

Yes She was really hot but I prefer the way she looked later on after some fun stuff but without the current joker lines.

She shouldn't have touched her mouth! She was really perfect at that point!!! :lemmetellu:

She looks amazing here!

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