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Where are the VMA rumours?

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I can't believe it's less than a week till the VMAs and exhale isn't in meltdown over some rumours! I mean we've got BOMT 20th anniversary and a random live song and no rumours to suggest this is a reason something is going to happen. I doubt anything will but I love exhale at this time of year! Anyone heard/seen anything?

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5 minutes ago, Cappycorn87 said:

I would love to hear your take on today's acts who can't perform to save their lives.

Why do you keep using that argument as if it's a justified reason for Britney to deliver a mediocre performance? Her VMA comeback was boring, period.

I don't care if the new popstars can't perform as well as the Y2K ones. Britney is not held up to the Selena Gomez standard, she's held to the Britney Spears standard.

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Guest Brichney.
34 minutes ago, David Rose said:

? Her last VMA performance was a messy anti-climactic snooze fest. MTV wont be knocking her door down to come back, trust.

actually she won't be going there anytime soon, they disrespected her last year 

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I rather have britney perform next year when there is actually new music in the works I doubt she will even be there. Anyways VMAS get more terrible each year.   I'm only watching because of miley honestly and maybe to see how awful katy perry is. Kind of curious if Taylor swift will do a surprise performance. 

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Let her breathe! She's been doing so much these last years... I just want her to have the longest break and come back whenever she's ready with some actual cool stuff like a new era with new album and videos... that takes time and effort and she needs time to be around her family and boyfriend without being in the spotlight. she's said she wants to have more kids well maybe this is the right time after POM ends in December. 

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