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Throwback: Britney talking about dancing with her whole body


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Well times change. We don't need to harp on the past. 

Never thought in a MILLION years she'd be doing as good as she is now. She's performing the best since 2004 and is now singing entire songs completely live and showing personality. I mean, she honestly moves a lot of her body during Work ***** and besides not touching the floor, she's executing the Slace 4 U break pretty damn well. And she's bending her knees again finally!

I'm pretty content with where Britney is now. And I'm extremely happy that she finally seems happy again!

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Guest I Think I'm Ready Now

:tiffanynod: But don't forget that :


"I do that for fun but that's not my life"

"When I'm 22 or 23, I'll have a family"

"I see myself in the future with my kids and my husband, and maybe doing this on the side"






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Guest Diamond Horse
14 hours ago, OnMyMiNd04 said:

There's two Britney's. One from birth to 2004 and the other we have now. I choose to hang out with the first Britney. :)

For me, despite everything, the older Britney now is Britney 2.0 :mhm: 

She is wiser and I bet her mind is quite interesting, she just doesn't share too much too often.

We know very little.

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