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DLMBTLTK (Femme Fatale) & Everytime (Circus) - Live Vocals

Guest Arckangel

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Guest Diamond Horse

I feel like funny smiling about all this time mark discussion :giggleney:

It is super cute and somewhat hysterical. :giggleney:

We have sure been put onto a special place


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2 hours ago, Seanzy said:

I was at that show and it as definitely a mistake that this even happened haha. Her track kept cutting in and out, it seemed like the sound guys were like "eff it" and just turned her mic on.

Wait a minute, is it a coincidence that this is the same show that she had a “mic malfunction” during You Oughta Know? What if it was just the track cutting out? :nocomprende:

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4 hours ago, I am Max. said:

People can say whatever they want to, but she sang live on the FF Tour several times. Yes, there were prerecorded vocals for that tour, but she also sang live a lot. Period. 

Facts . I was at the Miami show she sang the last words of TTWE completely live 

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