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Official POM 8/20 Thread - Countdown to BRITNEY SINGING LIVE

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August 19, 2017 - Show


Click on the pics



Gurls, the show starts at ~9:30 PM, so just an hour and 34 minutes now! Which section do you think she'll do Something to Talk About?


Will she wear the tied up plaid shirt with her Breathe on Me undies? :urite:

Will her mic fall off and give us somethin 2 talk bout? :Lshark:

Will she replace Gimme More with it? :hipney:

Share your thoughts, stanbase-ney



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2 minutes ago, ShowdownITZ said:

I would call out :hype: I am so excited it's my first meltdown :ricackle: I heard the desert one was so iconic :yesplease:

It’s an 8 hour shift tho, so much money at stake :eheeek:

I’m actually a bit of an insomniac anyway, lol. I say I’m going to bed at a certain time and 3 hours later I’m still up.

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